“Normal” student borrows medal from classmates and wear it all on stage

During graduation ceremonies, academics and other special awards are given to students with exemplary performance in various fields. These awards are often represented in the form of medals which awardees wear on their necks with huge smiles on their faces.

It may be sad but it is true that not every student is given an award during the graduation ceremony. Well, this student just decided to provide himself with a lot of medals in the most hilarious way!

In a series of videos uploaded by a Facebook user named Logbet Manyaman, it can be seen that a graduation program is going on and he was in line to come up the stage. Sneakily, Logbet was already holding a few medals on his hands.

Through the post, he confessed that he received a lot of help from his awardee classmate that lent him their medals plus another medal that he personally bought for PHP20. He says that he finally managed to fulfill his dream of wearing a lot of medals on his graduation day, only that it was not the ones that are voluntarily given.

In another video, Logbet can be seen walking up on stage together with his mom. As he shook the hands of the people on stage, the crowd burst out laughing fully knowing his hidden intention. Just a few moments later, he revealed the many medals that he was carrying on his hand. The whole venue was filled with laughter as he wore the medal over his head.

What Logbet did is just hilarious that the internet world also could not contain their laughs as the post gained a lot of attention online. Many people were amazed by his guts to do such a thing and others plainly found the whole scenario really really funny.

Well, what about you? Did you also dream of having a lot of medals for graduation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.