Messy shoe store goes viral after shoppers went into shopping frenzy

Shopping is really fun especially when stores announce their enormous sale and discounts. Just the mere thought of buying yourself or someone else close to you something that is ‘new’ is already enough to give you a different level of excitement and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, sometimes out of overflowing excitement, people can behave in the worst ways. Just like in this viral post that revealed the aftermath of a sale at a shoe store.

Facebook user Josette Rafaeles shared pictures of the shoe store for everyone to see. Although she did not reveal the name of the shop or its location, it was implied that the store is located in the Philippines. 

Another Facebook user named Auffie Anne Beatrice shared the photos and wrote about how “shameful” it is that Filipino shoppers would leave a shoe store looking this messy. In the post, it is stated that the shoes were arranged neatly before the customers arrived and took down several items in their shopping frenzy.

According to Elite Readers, after the shopping craze, what was left were shoe boxes being torn and sneakers being left abandoned in a pile. The store employees tried to rearrange the shoes after shoppers ransacked the shop.

“Sorry. Filipinos are irresponsible and insensitive shoppers. Imagine all the work and over time you have caused the employees when in fact these were all properly arranged and put in order for your own convenience. Other shoppers were left to scavenge for the other pairs of their shoes as well as its boxes. While others waited and lined up only to leave the store empty-handed since “shopping” was almost made impossible due to the trail of shoes all over the floor and ripped boxes. Filipinos can give straight high blood pressure.”

She then added, “It’s still the same, you still won’t buy anything.” This meant that the shoppers had left the shoe store in total disarray without purchasing a single pair of shoes. Unfortunately, it made things difficult for the actual customers who were interested in buying sneakers.

It’s certainly a sad thing to see a store look like it was attacked by a mob of crazed shoppers but with only a few shoes being purchased. So, can we Filipinos reflect on ourselves and check if we are also part of this ‘irresponsible’ shopper or are we responsible enough to clean after ourselves?