These guys put 100 million orbeez in their backyard and it turned into fun playground

As kids, most of us must have been curious as to how big can the little orbeez or water beads grow into. Soaking them into water overnight surely has been part of our investigative feat to try and find out the true nature of those small beads.

Well, these guys are just like every single one of us. The only difference is that they decided to take a ‘giant’ leap to satisfy their curious minds.

In a video uploaded by the Youtube channel, MrBeast, a man was first seen carrying small bottles of what seemed like small pearls. He later revealed that the contents of the bottles were in fact, water beads.

Each bottle contains 50,000 water beads and he managed to get his hands on a total of 100 million water beads to be distributed all over the spacious backyard.

As the video continues, the man in black jacket along with his friends started to pour the water beads inside a small pool with water in it. They also spread more of the water beads in the vicinity of the backyard. Expecting rain falling for the night so that the water beads may grow, the men then set off and left the water beads to grow naturally.

When they came back the following morning, what lay before them was not a pool full of water but rather bigger versions of the water beads. One can freely jump over the water beads inside the pool without the fear of being drowned.

Their experiment proved that although water beads do not grow as much as we could have expected from them, these little balls of water can surely put up smiles on people’s faces who like to recount their youthful days.

You can watch the full video here: