Guy thinks his stage 4 cancer is due to his addiction to Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a trending game in the Philippines today, many people from all ages are already addicted to the game. However, as they say, too much of anything can be of no good to anyone. That is exactly what happened to this gamer named Michael Tumagan who is now suffering from stage 4 colon cancer and he thinks that his addiction to Mobile Legends is the reason why he is diagnosed with this acute health condition.

In a Facebook post, Michael shares that he never expected that such a serious disease would affect him. He says that if only he can turn back time, he will surely find a way to prevent this disease.

Michael confessed of being addicted to Mobile Legends which made him unaware of his health. He recalls that he barely sleeps and eats anything. He may sleep around 9 am and wake up at about 6 pm, this is when he can eat and start to play the game again.

Because of his unhealthy habit, he soon started to feel that something was wrong inside his body. When he went to the doctor, it was revealed that he is suffering from stage 4, colon cancer.

He further explains that the tumor in his rectum is already too big that it can no longer be easily removed. The only remedy he has now is undergoing radiation therapy for the tumor to become smaller.

Through the post, Michael is seeking the help of everyone especially in the financial aspect because that is what he needs most at the moment.

Meanwhile, his post gained a lot of mixed reactions from the online world, there were people who pitied his situation and made the effort to donate. There are also others who bashed him for not taking care of himself and ending up asking for help from people on Facebook.

Nevertheless, we wish for Michael’s fast recovery and may people learn from the mistakes he made so that this thing will not be repeated in the future.

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