Doctor warns people not drink water directly from stream after finding live leech in patients throat

Sometimes people, especially in the far-flung areas, tend to drink water from streams. Because the stream water is clear of any visible foreign agents, people think that it is safe to drink it. However, this doctor had a rare experience with his patient and warns everyone to never drink water directly from the stream!

Facebook user Ballab Sharma shared am alarming photo along with the story of what happened to his poor patient. In the said post, Ballab said that a 55-year-old man was referred to him for upper GI endoscopy after the latter complained of hoarseness in his voice and a foreign body sensation in his throat which lasted for two months already.

Photo for Illustration only. Photo Credits: NIDDK

The doctor tried a detailed general physical exam but it showed no remarkable results. Another UGI endoscopy was attempted but this also failed as the patient was unable to swallow the scope used in the examination.

Then, the doctor recalls that as he was positioning the scope on the patient’s larynx, he noticed a live leech who was coming in and out of his vocal cords. After seeing this, the doctor immediately tried to take action by trying to catch the leech by using biopsy forceps but it was too slippery to carry the leech out.

He then referred the patient to another doctor who did surgery to remove the foreign object from the poor patient’s larynx.

Although there have been similar cases like this recorded in the past, the doctor confessed to encountering this case very rarely. However, he knows that this is very alarming which is why he decided to share his experience with everyone along with the warning that in order to prevent this from happening, one should NEVER DRINK WATER FROM A STREAM!

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