FEU student praised online for helping and dining with an old woman inside Jollibee

A simple act of kindness does matter. We may not know it, but that small time we spend with people who need it the most can impact their lives on a big scale.

In the case of this generous student, she never thought that helping a random homeless woman in the street by taking her to a fast food chain will earn her praises from people all over the social media world.

The student we are talking about is this certain girl wearing her Far Eastern University uniform and was sitting across an old woman wearing a red shirt and a green short. A netizen named EJ Capuno captured a photo of the two and shared it on Facebook.

According to EJ, he and his friends were on their way out of the fast food restaurant when they saw the girl. That was when EJ decided to take a photo and the rest is history. In his post, he also praised the parents of the girl for raising her well and especially having concern for the people around her.

As the post became viral, the identity of the girl was quickly revealed. She was identified as Hershey Saclin a student of FEU.


Her mom named Theodore Einn Nuevo Saclin also shared the post and said that she is proud of what her daughter has done.

Indeed, being kind is something we should all practice. Yes, we may not be able to gain something out of it but who knows? Someday, somewhere, every little act of kindness we did will surely come back as good karma to us.