64-year-old tricycle driver successfully graduates from college

Education is the kind of treasure that no one can steal from anyone. This is why it is valued and people work extra hard in order to finish their studies and earn a degree.

However, certain circumstances sometimes lead people to end up not being able to graduate. Despite this, it’s a good thing to know that there are still a few who choose to pursue their dream degree even at an older age.

Just like in the case of this 64-year-old tricycle driver. Tatay Generito Yosores received mixed reactions on social media as he earned his college degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English from Western Mindanao State University-Molave in Zamboanga Del Sur.

According to Rachfeed, during the day, Tatay Generito would drive his tri-sikad (tricycle) and would attend his classes at night. Tatay Generito impressed a lot of netizens because he earned a degree in college even though he is a lowly tricycle driver who had to support himself in school. Moreover, the degree he took is not something that one might expect a tricycle driver his age would take.

But while a lot of people were happy for this old man who has finally achieved something he has only dreamed of his entire life, many called him ‘pasikat’ and said his degree was useless considering that the Department of Education (DepEd) mandates that its teachers should retire at age 65.

With Tatay Generito being 64, he only has a few months to take (and pass!) the board exams for teachers. But even if he passes the test and becomes a licensed teacher, finding a job would be a big challenge considering how difficult it can be to get admitted in the ranking system of DepEd.

On his part, Tatay Generito explained that he isn’t after finding a job as teacher – he was only just trying to fulfill his lifelong dream! A teacher named Alfred Cañete explained that the old had been one of his students for 2 semesters – and he was quite impressed by the tricycle’s driver dream of graduating from college despite his age.

The old man even tried his best to fulfill the requirements of the course on his own. Tatay Generito told Teacher Alfred that he was not able to complete his studies at a younger age due to poverty but he had always dreamed of eventually earning his degree.

“It is never too late to reach for your dreams. Education has no age limit. Dreams are free,” Teacher Alfred added.

We extend our congratulations to Tatay Generito! Continue to fulfill your dreams no matter what negative things people say!