Newborn calf with ‘2 heads and 8 legs’ goes viral

Newborn calves are often delicate because their bodies are not fully formed yet which makes them prone to harmful things in the environment. This is why cow owners often see to it that extra care is given to calves as they are now part of a growing family.

In this case of a newborn calf in Zamboanga City, Philippines, it was not the mere birth of a calf that drew the attention of the community but the fact that the calf is not something they often see.

In a report by GMA News, it was revealed that the peculiar calf was born with two heads and 8 legs. Many residents wondered as to what happened to the calf or what circumstances led to its condition.

According to a veterinarian, the mother cow might have eaten a grass filled with pesticide which led to the to the underdevelopment of the supposed twin calves. This proves that pesticides and other chemicals used in plants could not only potentially harm the plant itself but also animals just like what happened with the calf and also human beings.

It could have been a double blessing for the family if the unfortunate thing did not happen. Later on, the poor underdeveloped calf passed away because of it was not able to contain its rare condition.

Residents of the said city also said that it has been several times already that they were able to witness a calf being born with unusual body parts. May this experience serve as a lesson for them and for others also to reduce the use of pesticides as these chemicals can pose harm to the environment.

Watch the full video of the report here: