Guy accidentally buys iPad after getting too drunk

People have different habits when it comes to drinking liquor. After a few drinks, some people become completely emotional after being reminded of all their problems in life, some gain courage to shake off everything that’s bothering them, some just stay quite in one corner and there are also others who simply can’t shut their mouths.

Probably, everyone has their own ‘other’ personality after getting drunk but this guy may have the most peculiar one we have ever encountered in the history of drunks.

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

A twitter user with the handle @polalaluna have sparked various reactions from netizens after he twetted his unforgettable drunk experience. Well, simply unforgettable because his being drunk resulted to spending a bunch of money.

His tweet simply went: “SINONG NALASING TAS BUMILI NG IPAD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA putang-ina mo self! Well advance happy birthday.”

(Who got drunk and bought an iPad HAHAHAHAHA **** self! Well advance happy birthday.)

Because his post gained a lot of attention on twitter, it was also shared on Facebook via the Facebook page, Sad and Happy Feelings where many people expressed their opinion regarding his lavish ‘drunk act.’

Many find it funny and at the same time amusing that he still managed to go to the iStore despite his condition and was able to utter the correct words to the sales personnel.

Well, we can only imagine what must have transpired, in the end, he will surely remember this rare drunk moment for the rest of his life.

Well, what about you? Do you also have your very own hilarious drunk story to tell? Let’s talk about that in the comments section!