These 3-bed bedroom ideas might solve your small space problem

Trying to save space at home requires a lot of effort. From planning where to put furniture and other appliances to where vases and other small stuff should be placed may seem like an easy job but it never is. The struggle to put everything in one place and at the same time save space is always a constant part of organizing.

Well, instead of putting up a room for every single person inside the house, it will be a big help to just make 3 beds in one single room. Allow us to help you out a little bit in trying to organize your home with these 3-bedroom ideas:

Instead of the conventional double-decked beds, why not add another layer on top to make it good for three? This sure is a big space saving idea.

For some people, it may be a nuisance when it comes to the fact that someone else is sleeping below or above them, well, that’s easy, this alternating three-layer bed ca fix that problem easily. Space saving never looked this classy.

For the more stylish homes, it’s never limited to just one type of the three-bed series. This unique way of placing a bed above and below with the middle one placed in another direction is a fresh idea to the whole 3-bed concept. Space-saving and stylish at the same time.

For the homes which can only accommodate a maximum of of two layers for the bed, you need not worry as this design of the 3-bed series is the perfect one for you. Two beds will be placed on the floor and another one will be added diagonally above the two!

We hope these tips have been helpful space-saving ideas for everyone. Go and share this to your friends too so they can have ideas to do inside their dream homes too!

Thanks to House Design facebook page for compiling these bedroom ideas.