People had hilarious reactions to this “fake book cover” prank inside a subway

When we ride subways, trains or any other types of public transportation, it is a non-written rule to always mind your own business. This is why all throughout the ride, people often try to find things to entertain themselves like scrolling through their phones, watching a movie, listen to random songs or read books.

Inasmuch as the mind your own business rule still applies, sometimes, people can’t help but state especially when somebody is quite doing a hilarious feat while inside a public transportation.

Well, this man decided to try an experiment of acting out to be reading a book with a hilarious “fake cover” outside to see how random people on a subway will react.

In a video uploaded by the Youtube channel, The Chortle, a man was first seen making his way to a subway. As soon as he takes his seat in one corner, he opens up a book with a random fake cover. People around then started to notice him and just laughed off after seeing the titles to the books he was ‘reading.’

One of the book titles says “How to hold a fart in”, another one says, “101 Penis lengthening tips you can do at home, the office or on the go”, there is also another one which goes, “Ass eating made simple.”

People have different reactions to these various book covers, some just smiled, some got quite curious about the contents of the book that they even tried to take a peek at what the man was reading. There was also another passenger who tried to take a photo of the man reading the fake book covers.

After all, it seems that people simply can’t hold back their curiosity and that this video proves too that everyone else around us are simply people who try to laugh off their burdens by smiling shyly to things they witness around them.

You can watch the full hilarious video here:

H/T: Elite Readers