Angry woman ties her dog as punishment for chewing her iPhone

A dog is considered a man’s bestfriend which is why digs are often found inside homes and are even considered a part of the whole family. However, because dogs are still animals, they can sometimes make honest mistakes.

Just like this certain dog who mistakenly chewed on the iPhone of its owner. Considering that the iPhone is bought at quite a hefty amount, the woman got really angry that she tied the poor canine to a post! Poor dog…

Feeling as though she had the right to do this because of her dog’s actions, the woman shared photos of her chewed up phone and another of her dog tied through a Facebook post.

Estelle de Souza, a woman from Nigeria, posted on her timeline saying:

“Just went to the toilet and came back to see what this dog has done to my phone.”

“Amadioha can not save you nyash today. I will flog your teeth out. NONSENSE AND INGREDIENT.”

The little bulldog had its eyes wide and looking scared as it was probably flogged just like Estelle wrote. Tied to the post with red string or straw, the dog could not move and was scared.

According to Rachfeed, it was unknown as to how long Estelle had placed the dog in that position and if it had really been flogged down like she claimed, but many netizens got angry over what she had done. Many said that even if it was the dog’s fault that the phone got damaged, the dog really did not know that value of the item and probably just thought of the item as another toy.

Others said that she should have taken care of the phone, placing it where the dog could not reach it. After all, the dog is short and couldn’t have reached the phone if it was placed properly on the table or something high like a shelf.

Many said that this woman deserves to be tied to the post like her dog.

Well, what about you? What can you say about what Estelle has done to her dog?