This 7-year-old boy is making $11 Million a year just by reviewing toys on Youtube!

Kids, given their young and innocent minds often want nothing but just to play with random toys to pass the time. Well, what seems like a leisure time for most kids turns out to be a means of gaining huge income for this kid named Ryan.

Ryan, the 7-year-old “host” of Ryan ToysReview, a popular toy-review channel on YouTube, is also reportedly a multimillionaire.

A family-run YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview generated about $11 million in pretax income in 2017, according to Forbes’ annual list of the highest-earning YouTube celebrities.

The raw estimate of $11 million tied Ryan ToysReview with the YouTube comedy account Smosh for eighth place on the Forbes list.

According to Business Insider, the account began when Ryan was only 4-years-old. He was then a fan of toy-review videos, and later asked his parents why he couldn’t also review toys on YouTube.

The channel Ryan ToysReview started out slowly until a July 2015 video went viral. The video featured Ryan opening and reviewing a box containing more than 100 toys from Pixar’s “Cars” series. It has close to 800 million views.

The channel now tends to review new toys or kids’ food products, and the videos usually feature earnest and enthusiastic commentary from Ryan with off-camera guidance from his parents.

Additionally, the channel now boasts a current audience of 10 million subscribers, which can be calculated to about $1 million a month in advertising revenue alone.

For someone who enjoys what he is doing, the huge amount of income is just a plus point for Ryan. He sure is one lucky millionaire kid!

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