Policeman falls in love and marries a girl he met during a checkpoint!

Love is unpredictable. No one can predict who they’ll spend the rest of their lives with. It may be someone you have known for the longest time or it can also be a random stranger you met on the street.

In the case of this couple, what started off their love story is unlike any other cliché ones we often see on TV or read in books.

The couple we are talking about is this trending policeman and teacher who first met not through their jobs or through any other acquaintances but through a checkpoint!

In a post shared by the Facebook page, BuhayLespu, the woman named Clarisse Lazaro Jao Saddaramil recalls that she was the first one to pass a checkpoint being held by police officers which they refer to as “Oplan Sita”.

At first, she got annoyed by the whole situation that she did not even bother to look at the nameplate or ask the name of the police officer who interrogated her. The only thing she recalls is the face of the policeman.

Without her knowing, the policeman who was later known as Moh Amir Cruz Saddaramil took his chance to get Clarisse’s name through the identification card that she presented during the checkpoint. He would later search for her profile on Facebook.

Clarisse was quite flattered by the policeman’s effort to look for her through social media and that somehow started a spark between the two.

Then, after a year of getting closer to each other, the two finally tied the knot!

Their unique love story became an instant hot topic on social media and netizens expressed their “kilig” towards the couple’s unexpected yet pure kind of love. Indeed, love moves in mysterious ways.