This guy turns old tires into an amazing artwork

Everything around us i useful in its own way. It’s all just a matter of how we view things that makes it change in our eyes. What may be considered as trash for others may still be useful for some people. Just like in the case of this African man who is now slowly becoming a hot topic online because of his incredible talent of turning discarded old tires into incredible artworks!

In a post by a Facebook page called Ghana in Africa, a man wearing faded clothes and jeans can be seen standing in front of a pile of old car tires. At a glance, one may think that the guy in the photo is just another random stranger working in a vulcanizing or machine shop.

Well, one may think again after seeing the photos that follow, it turns out that the man in the photo is an amazing artist. Someone that does not use any conventional art materials but uses old car tires as the main canvas of his art.

Out of the seemingly shapeless tires, the man whose name was Nkwocha Ernest (according to his Facebook profile) can do many countless figures of animals like monkey, bull, alligator, rabbit or just name it and he will willingly do one for you too!

The said post quickly gained the attention of people as many were amazed with the unusual works of art that Ernest did. One Facebook user even commented that Ernest deserves all the attention he is getting because of his unconventional way of making his talent be seen by the world. Well, we couldn’t agree more!