Controversial artwork of woman feeding a man turns out to have a heartbreaking story behind

Oftentimes, it takes special eyes to appreciate works of art. It is a given that not everyone can see through the message that the artist tries to convey through their artwork. Nonetheless, there are certain pieces of artworks that are simply controversial regardless of whoever looks at it.

Just like this controversial ‘breastfeeding’ painting that has gained mixed reactions from people who were able to see it.

As it turns out, this certain painting has a meaningful and emotional story.

In one of the European country, an old man was sentenced to hunger death so, he was put in prison. The punishment required him to be on hunger strike until the day of his death.

His daughter pleaded with the government to meet her father daily until his death. She was granted permission, she used to get checked by prison officers. So that she couldn’t bring any eatable items.

She can’t see the condition of her father like this. She looked at her father with the eyes of a caring mother. So, in order to make him alive, she used to feed him breast milk on daily basis.

When after so many days, the man was not dead. The security guards got suspicious and caught the girl breastfeeding her father. A case was registered against her, but her selflessness nature wins the heart of jailor and she wins the freedom of her father.

This story surely is something that could be written in the books and this painting perfectly depicts the common nature of woman who are full of love and sacrifice, whatever the role she is playing in one’s life is.

As this story is both controversial and emotional at the same time, many other versions of the story was expressed by various artists. There is this one that shows a girl carrying a child while breastfeeding an old man. This depicts the kind of sacrifice a woman is willing to take in order to show her love for family members.

Another version of this artwork was expressed through a sculpture and is called the Memmelocke Statue at Botermarkt 17 in Ghent, Belgium. A classical sculpture on the top of a building which was once the entrance to the city prison and also the wardens house. This building is located between the Belfry and the Lakenhelle. In the crypt of the Lakenhelle the city jail was housed for almost 150 years from 1742 to 1902.

These depictions just goes to show that everywhere in the world, the sacrifices every woman makes is recognized, valued and honored.