This kid’s essay tells how his dad become a hero for taking his mom to heaven safely

As they say, teachers and the school are only the secondary source of learning of young children. The first field for them to learn and understand things should be at home. This is why parents should see to it that they look over their kid’s progress in school from time to time.

This is also for them to be aware of what is happening or what their child is doing in terms of school works. Just like this hilarious yet rated 18+ homework submitted by an innocent child.

In a post that has been making rounds online, a photo of a handwritten work entitled ‘My Dad is a Hero’ was uploaded. At a first glance, one can imply that it was just another inspirational experience of a child making them idolize their parents more.

But, when you start to read the contents, the story told by the child is just hilarious in all aspects. Only that it was quite inappropriate for children at such a young age.

There was even a part where the child compared his dad to a hero because he saved his mom from being “pulled” by God. Just by reading the whole story in between its lines, one can already fully understand what was truly going on between the husband and wife.

The mom and dad in this story sure had a hard  time trying to explain that what the child saw was not what he was thinking about.

May this hilarious story serve as a learning experience for parents to always check on their children. Better be informed now than be laughed at in the end.