Guy smashes vending machine to steal sex doll

Probably more than once in out lives, we have been frustrated by a malfunctioning vending machine. There are times when the said machine just swallows the money enterd into it without returning any product in favor of the buyer.

This can be frustrating especially to people who are really hungry or is in need of even just a short break from the hectic happenings of the day. Well, how much more if a vending machine chose to malfunction when a horny man tries to buy something from it?

Well, a few possibilities may come to mind but this particular man had his own way to force the machine to give him that something to ‘relieve’ himself.

We are talking about this man from Yangjiang city in South China’s Guangdong province.

Footage shared from the 24-hour unmanned sex shop shows the man browsing the toys on offer when he finally picks out the ideal one.

Instead of paying for it, however, he decides to violently break the machine with a knife and take the toy.

At one point, he appears to give up after finding the task too difficult, but he musters up the strength to continue and breaks the plastic with a strong jab of his blade.

The man eventually rips the cover away and retrieves the sex doll before squatting down to stuff the toy’s lengthy locks of hair away into the plastic wrapping.

Ina report by Unilad, the owner of the vending machine said that it was already the third incident where his blowup dolls have been stolen.

Meanwhile, Yangjiang police is now closely investigating the case so that the identity of the culprit will be revealed and he will be punished by the law.