This “magical scarf” can be used in different ways

For girls, it is always a dilemma to find something to wear. May it be on a casual day at school or at work, or on a special occasion, girls always see to it that they dress up properly. However, this can be a problem especially when one only has limited things on her wardrobe.

Well, girls, you can now let go of those worries as these tips and tricks on wearing scarf in different ways will surely get the job done for your OOTD.

In this Facebook video uploaded by the Facebook page, Hobi with the caption, “Magical Scarf”, a girl can be first seen holding an animal printed scarf. She then rolls the scarf around the center, puts it on the back of her neck. She connects the middle part of the scarf by using a hair band.

Afterwards, she tied the edges of the scarf and put it over her head into her back and made it look like it was an ‘off shoulder’ clothing. She then puts on a belt to complete her party-ready look!

Next, she uses a red scarf this time, she first tied the middle of the scarf. Then, put it in one side of her shoulder as she reached out for the underarm parts and pinned it together. After just using a belt, she completely looks different, it was like her dress is not something made from a simple scarf.

Then, she tries another trick but used a floral blue scarf this time. She puts the scarf on the back of her neck, ties the edges on her waist and layers it with yet another belt! The look sure looks stunning!

These sample looks is indeed something one can also do with a simple scarf. So, the next time you’re having a hard time deciding on what to wear, give this trick a try and surprise yourself!

Watch the full video here for more tips and tricks: