Gold digger prank goes wrong: They found a girl with a golden heart

Often, there are prank videos all over social media that make fun of random people only to reveal later on that a camera is recording everything that is happening. In this certain video uploaded by the Youtube channel, TopNotch Idiots, two friends namely Aldo and Cardini went on a trip to try and search for a “Gold Digger” in their area.

The two started to drive and a few minutes later, they spotted a potential candidate at a park. The girl they are about to talk to is this one wearing a long sleeved shirt and shorts. She was doing some routine exercise when Aldo approached her as he went out of a luxury car.

He then introduced himself and it was revealed that the girl happens to be a foreigner too and although she understands English, she can only speak Spanish. Good thing Aldo knows how to speak her language.

The two easily felt at ease with each other as the girl tried to teach Aldo the routine of exercise that she was doing. Moments later, Aldo asked the girl if they can go out later that night and have some fun. The girl immediately agreed without second thoughts.

Then, Cardini came into the picture, he pretends to be giving back Aldo a bicycle that he borrowed from him. The two started with their drama that the true owner of the car was Cardini and not Aldo. All the while, they thought the girl would immediately change her mind and go with Cardini instead.

However, she did not. She called out Aldo from afar and said that he was the one that she likes. She also clarifies that it’s because she is not into material things which is why she still liked Aldo even though he is only riding a bicycle.

Later, Aldo revealed their true intention of recording a video about Gold Digger, the girl was surprised but ended up just laughing it off as she was only honest with herself all throughout the video.

You can watch the full video here: