Robber returns money to woman after seeing her empty bank account

Robbery is very common nowadays which is why people are always reminded by authorities to keep an eye on their valuables and not to trust any random person, especially when taking cash from an Automated Teller Machine. Because there are many modus operandi that these criminals practice, it becomes hard to catch them red-handed.

This certain case of a ‘could have been’ robbery is now making rounds online after the robber was seen returning the cash he was supposed to take after seeing that his victim had zero remaining balance in her account.

In a report by Shanghaiist, surveillance camera footage from an ICBC bank late one night last month in the Guangdong city of Heyuan shows a woman, surnamed Li, making a withdrawal at an ATM when a man comes up behind her with a knife.

Terrified and shocked with the sudden turn of events, Li hands over the 2,500 yuan that she just got from the ATM but the robber seemed unsatisfied and asked for more money. So, he demanded to see her balance on the ATM.

However, after seeing that she has no more money in her bank account, the robber hands Li back the money with a smile before leaving. This act earned the praise of the online world for the robber.

Unfortunately for the robber, his kindness did not save him from the police as he was later taken into custody. As of writing time, we have no update yet as to the progress of whatever the case was filed against the robber.

You can watch the full video here: