Guy shares hilarious experience of his first time buying a milk tea

As its name suggests, Milk tea is a drink that consists of a combination of milk and tea paired with sinkers which may range from plain pearls to pudding, red beans and many others. The drink also offers many range of flavors that cater to the taste of its various consumers. As milk tea is becoming quite a famous go-to drink, many people also want to try what it tastes like.

Just like this equally curious Facebook use named Cjay Diamante Laguardia who shared his rather hilarious experience ok his first time to buy a milk tea.

In his post, Cjay shares that he was really curious as to what the taste of milk tea is like. So, as it was his first time, he felt a little nervous as he approached the cashier because he does not know what to say. Thankfully, pictures of the drink along with the flavor and price are displayed for everyone to see.

Cjay then confidently walked to the cashier and uttered what he wants to order. Everything seemed fine until the cashier said “Uhm, sugar level, sir?”

Cjay was left baffled as he did not know how to answer this question. With lots of thoughts going through his mind, he managed to say, “hard”.

That was when the cashier ended up laughing loudly. Cjay then just laughed with her after realizing what he did was just so funny.

The cashier then pointed to the percentage choices for the sugar level. Cjay calmly answered that he wanted just 50% for his drink.

When he left the counter, all the other people behind him were laughing after hearing his “hard” preference for the sugar level.

Well, on his part, Cjay just shrugged it off and just considered his hilarious experience as something that he can learn something from.

You can read his trending experience below:

So nakaka qiqil lang kasi first time kong bumili ng milktea sa gong cha kase matagal na akong curious sa lasa ng…

Posted by Kim Joon Jay on Sunday, 10 March 2019