Filipina porn viewers prove their “gentleness” on the type of videos they watch based on Pornhub’s statistics

The famous adult video streaming site, Pornhub recently released its list of frequent visitors. Among those who made the top 20 list are Filipinas. In the “Most Viewed Categories By Women”, it showed that Filipinas are prone to watching Japanese porn videos. They also recorded highest viewership rating of 233%  in the “Romantic” category. The survey also stated that Filipinas are also interested in viewing the “Behind the Scenes” with 204% of the rating and “Verified Couple” category which records 160% viewership rating in the website.

Based on these most viewed categories, it can be implied that even in these adult video streaming site, Filipinas are still prone to observing the usual culture of the Filipinos which includes being “delicate”, “discreet” and the “dalagang Pilipina” type of behavior.

Photo via GMA News

Some countries also have their own preferences when it comes to keywords that they use when visiting the site, just like the “rough sex” as used by United Kingdom, or “Disgusting feet” by Germany or “threesome” by Canada and many others.

Other countries included in the top 20 of the list are United States, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, Argentina, Russia and South Africa.

The latest survey release also revealed that 71% of the overall women traffic in the said website are all from these top 20 countries.

As we can all remember, back in 2018, Pornhub also revealed that the people who spend the most time in viewing their website are Filipinos.

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