Bai Rihan Mangudadatu: One of the prettiest politicians in the Philippines

Being a Mayor of a certain city or municipality is a big burden of responsibility which is why only the brave and capable ones decide to try their luck in this position and let the majority decide whether they are worthy of the seat or not.

This certain Mayor from the Philippines has been making headlines after many were left in awe of her beauty plus the fact that she became a Mayor at such a young age.

Photo courtesy of Mayor Bai Rihan Mangudadatu Sakaluran Facebook page

The woman we are talking about is the Mayor of Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat named Bai Rihan Mangudadatu Sakaluran. Not only does she have a gorgeous face but she also has a heart of gold. Her advocacy as a mayor includes prioritizing the children and the elderly people as she feels most connected to them.

She even reaches out to children by visiting schools and imparting her own knowledge to the children.

In fact, her Facebook account is full of photos of her reaching out to her constituents through the various programs organized by their local government. She fully dedicates her time and effort to serve her people which is a very good trait of a public servant as reported by Famous Trends.

She also actively participates in the various programs organized by the officials of Lutayan. Not just as an honorary guest but she also comes in full costume to encourage the people to also join in the festivities. Just like during their Kanduli Festival where she also wore flowers over her head and a costume that goes with the festival.

Because of the above-mentioned characteristics, many people have expressed their admiration towards Rihan and some even say that she is their role model.

At 28, Rihan has already accomplished many things in her life that she will forever be proud of and that includes the memories she made with the people of Lutayan. Surely, her legacy will remain carved in the heart of the people even though her term as Mayor may end soon.

This 2019 election in the Philippines, the pretty mayor of Lutayan is running for the position of Congresswoman and won it immediately as she is unopposed.

Screencap from official ballot of Antong, Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat. Photo from COMELEC

According to political site Politiko, she is currently in a relationship with former Vice Mayor of Buluan, Magindanao King Mangudadatu. In fact, the two had a “cheezy” selfie posted on Vice Mayor King official account on March 9, 2019.

Kudos to Rihan! May her genuine heart reach more people in the future.