Guy drops Samsung Galaxy S10 and Nokia 3310 at 1000 feet to see which one can survive

Over the years, mobile phone have improved dramatically in terms of its features and functionality. May it be its camera, apps and communication function, everything was upgraded on an entirely high level.

However, developers claim that the Nokia 3310 phone which was released years ago still remains the toughest phone ever made in history. Well, this certain experiment uploaded by Youtube channel, will show us the effects to a Samsung Galaxy S10 and a Nokia 3310 when both are dropped from a height of 1,000 feet.

First, a rope was attached to the phones which was later attached to a drone so they can be taken to 1,000 feet above the ground. Then, the drone flew all the way up to reach the target height.

A few moments later, the phones were dropped!

As it reached the ground, the Nokia 3310 was scattered into pieces. Its parts were all separated from each other from the impact of the fall from such a tall height.

Then, the Samsung Galaxy S10 also had its screen shattered along with its back part. The shock from the fall is the main cause of the damage to the phone.

To make a conclusion if the phones will still work, they are once again put together to test its functionality. For the Samsung Galaxy S10, it showed no signs of life at all. They even tried to charge it and plug it to a computer but it was of no use.

With the Nokia 3310, it amazingly still works! Despite falling from 1,000 feet, the small “old-fashioned” phone is still working without even a damage on its screen.

This just goes to show that Nokia 3310 still remains the toughest phone ever made in history!

You can watch the full video here and see for yourself: