WATCH: Chokoleit’s last full show in Abra

The whole Philippines woke up to the shocking and sad news of the passing away of one of the well loved comedians in the country, 46-year old Chokoleit or Jonathan Aguilar Garcia in real life. According to reports, Chokoleit performed stand up comedy for the last time in Abra. After his show, it was said that he was gasping for air which prompted the staff to bring the comedian to the nearest hospital. Sadly, hospital personnel declared him dead just a few moments later.

Now, videos of Chokoleit’s last moments of bringing happiness to the crowd has circulated online. In one part of this particular video uploaded by Candice Gencono, it was as of Chokoleit was already having a hard time breathing that he even asked the staff to give him water.

Afterwards, he continued his monologue but his faint gasps can still be heard over the microphone. He even sang “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” by This Band but he seemed out of breathe all throughout the song. He only hid this by making the audience sing most parts of the song.

It is really obvious that Chokoleit is suffering from something inside his body but he still decided to carry on with the show despite that. This just shows that his professionalism as an artist and his dedication to his craft is what is most important to him.

He is indeed a good example to all the artists out there. Unfortunately, his life ended too soon.

Nevertheless, we wish for Chokoleit’s soul to rest in eternal peace because that is what he deserves.

You can watch the full video here: