This guy pours a “lava” into a fish in his weird experiment

There are hundreds or even thousands of ways to cook fish. Probably the easiest and most commonly used is ‘frying’ but, did you know that aside from kerosene, electric cooking materials, charcoal or wood, the lava can also be used to cook fish?

In this certain experiment that is now trending on Youtube, a group of men decided to use lava to ‘cook’ a fish. At first, they melted the lava in a steel container with only its upper part left open. The fire coming from inside the container was too strong even though the surrounding is cold.

Next, they covered the fish in foil packaging, several layers of foil were rounded on the fish’s body to make sure it will not be easily burnt.

Then, a small serving dish was placed on top of a flat surface. They then proceeded with getting the lava from the container and pouring it out into the serving dish.

The fish is then placed on top of the melted lava. The lava then produced mini flames surrounding the fish and the sound coming from it is like that of a fish being fried.

The group of men left the fish to be cooked for several minutes under the fire from the lava. After a few moments, they checked out what happened to the fish.

After removing the foil, the fish turned out to be completely cooked! Although its outer appearance turned black, its inner content was cooked just the right way!

This sure is a new innovation to the traditional way of cooking. However, no one has made an assessment yet on the possible side effects of the lava when it enters the human body.

You can check out the full video here: