Grade 7 student surprises everyone after inventing a washing machine that does not use electricity

Most of the time, people have this inner desire to create a breakthrough that will not only change their own life but also those of the people around them. But, not all those who desire are given the chance to do what they want. 

However, with continuous perseverance and dedication, nothing is impossible. That is exactly what is proven by this kid from India who managed to invent something that no one else expected.

In a report by Inspire Pinas, Darshan Kolhe, a grade 7th student from Govt. LBS Middle School, Pandhurna in India, has invented on his own a washing machine that does not need any electricity! Certainly, Darshan is really smart and resourceful kid to have been able to build his home appliance invention.

You might be curious about how he was able to come up with such invention. Well, it turns out that he did not use any expensive material and everything were just recycled.

His washing machine is made from a big, recycled plastic cylinder and bicycle parts. The plastic cylinder is connected to the bikes’ chain and pedal system. To make the contraption work, the user will use the bike how it is normally used. The bike will turn the cylinder like a wheel, which is the main driving force of the cleaning system inside.

It mimics the rigorous rotational force that regular electrical washing machines do. But instead, it uses mechanical force generated by the human muscle.

This one is perfect for people who also wants to lose weight. Imagine, there is now a machine that can both help you exercise while washing your clothes! That sure is worth the money!

Additionally, Darshan also demonstrated how to use his award-winning invention in a video that has been making rounds online. In the video, he first put a dirty shirt inside and rode it like he would a normal bicycle. After a few minutes, the cloth inside is now cleaner.

Indeed, some advances in technology is not necessarily the better-looking or the better-branded one. Darshan’s invention, as simple as it may seem, can alleviate the situation of poorer people in the provinces.

You can watch Darshan’s demonstration here: