Robbers tried to steal from a jewelry shop but failed miserably!

When it comes to attempts to rob mainstream businesses, the people behind the crime are often prepared and have analyzed the situation well before they carry out their plan. This is why these people are extremely dangerous as anyone can be their next victim.

But, their seemingly unending luck of not being caught by authorities can sometimes end in just one flick of an eye. Just like what happened to these four robbers who clearly had the shock of their lives after attempting to rob a jewelry shop in Malaysia.

In a short clip uploaded by the Facebook page, Yahoo Philippines, a man in black jacket and a blue helmet was first seen hammering through what seemed like a can-be-easily broke glass where dozens of jewelry are underneath. Soon, three more people came into the picture but, no matter how hard they tried to repeatedly hammer against the glass, it was as if the latter was unbreakable.

Fortunately for the store, they decided to purchase expensive security glass, and the thieves had an extremely difficult time breaking through it to get to the gold and jewels. They sure made the right choice because according to reports, nobody was harmed during the whole breaking-in and no jewelry was stolen at the same time.

Although the robber’s attempt did cause severe damage to the store, it was still a good thing that they were not able to penetrate because of the security glass.

Meanwhile, the said video gained a lot of attention on social media as people were all so satisfied to have watched the robbers failing miserably in their illegal job.

You can also watch the full video here: