Mom volunteers to help daughter after seeing her working alone in a fast food chain

Parents have distinguishing eyes that can see the pain and suffering their children are going through no matter how hard the latter tries to hide it with their smile. Its as if an unseen connection between the parent and the child is always there just waiting to be unveiled.

This recent trending story once again proves that the love of parents for their children is truly unconditional. This touching moment took place at a certain fast food chain in Navotas. According to Rubie Lyn Mendoza, she and her mom went inside the fast food restaurant to check on her sister who was working there while studying at the same time.

When Rubie and her mom got in, they were informed by her sister that she was the only one on duty and she is really busy as there are many customers she needs to serve. So, while Rubie went on her way to place their order, she was shocked when she saw her mom wiping the tables and taking out the trash together with her sister. Photos uploaded by Rubie showed their mom helping her daughter in her own little way.

Many people who came across the post praised the mother for her genuine show of support and love for her daughter. This just shows that parents are indeed willing to do anything for their children no matter how hard it may be because for them, their biggest treasure in life are their children.

Kudos to all the parents out there! Wherever and whoever you are, we want you to know that you are the best!

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