This girl can slay any cosplay character that she portrays

Cosplaying takes a lot of effort to pull off especially that one has to not just have the same make-up as the person they are portraying but also the total look from their hair to their shoes. This may be ‘costly’ for some but there are people who are really drawn to cosplaying as a hobby.

Just like this girl who has made headlines because she is able to pull off any character that she portrays! In a series of photos uploaded bu Facebook user, Thaiana Zimermam it can be seen that the girl manages to transform herself from just her usual self into almost anyone.

From the hair, make up down to the clothes and shoes, everything is clearly like the original one! Plus, even though she is a girl, she can still slay even guy characters. In the photos shared online, the girl already portrayed quite a lot of cosplay characters like wonderwoman, queen Elsa from Frozen, captain jack sparrow, Newt Scamander and many more.

Through a little digging in the post, we were able to find the identity of the girl. She is Alyson Tabbitha. Her instagram account were full of photos of different people she portrayed in the past. At a first look, one may even mistakenly assume that the said instagram account were posting various people in their feed. But, that is not the case as everyone in the photos were all Alyson.

She can also do Lara Croft and many more!

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So, do you wish to have the visual versatility that Alyson has? Who knows? You may be the next big thing in the cosplay world!

Check out the full post below to see all the characters: