Lou’s father reacts to daughter’s kissing scene inside PBB house

The Pinoy Big Brother franchise is one of the longest running reality shows in the country today. The show is now on its 8th season and throughout the years, it has been through a lot of controversy and issues concerning the housemates inside the PBB house.

The most recent one is involving two of the most well loved housemate for this season, Andre and Lou, collectively known as LouDre. The two first made headlines as many loved their chemistry and shipped them as a couple. They even had their first date inside the house.

In a turn of events, the two well loved housemates went under fire after they exhibited a very public display of their affection for each other. On the May 4 episode of PBB, the two were recorded ‘kissing’ in front of the other housemates. It was as if the two were in their own world which resulted to an awkward atmosphere between the other housemates.

Meanwhile, viewers also have mixed reactions about the controversial kiss. All over social media, people shared their opinions with some saying that it was inappropriate as it was broadcasted on TV, while others say that its just normal as the two were ‘inlove’ with each other.

In a preview of the next episode of the show, Lou confessed to Big Brother that she is afraid of what her family especially her father would say after watching what she has done.

In a Facebook video uploaded by the page, Lou Yanong, her dad quickly shared a few words asking the majority if they want him to come inside the house. The rest of Lou’s relatives were also in the video cheering her father on.

Well, let’s just see where this controversial story of Lou and Andre will go in the next few days. Are you excited too?

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