Ed Caluag, the paranormal expert’s story revealed

Faith healers and paranormal experts are sometimes criticized when it comes to their way of trying to ‘heal’ their patients from the undefined illness they may be suffering from. Just like in the case of this famous paranormal expert named Ed Caluag.

Caluag has made a name for himself after appearing in various television programs and was even noticed more by people when he repeatedly appeared on Jessica Soho‘s show. But, people on the internet started to make memes about him after several episodes of KMJS where he was asked to investigate the supposed paranormal activities that were later revealed as “natural phenomenon” in the real world.



Posted by Posted PH on Wednesday, 13 February 2019


As Ed was unable to make another TV appearance after the infamous “ghost ship of Siquijor” episode and many netizens requested for him to be a guest again and at the same time try and get to know who he really is.

Gladly, Jessica Soho’s staff was quick to answer to this request. In their interview with Ed, he explained that his “paranormal” ability started when he managed to survive polio as a child. He was also diagnosed to be suffering from Rheumatic heart disease but his family could not afford to pay for his medication.


When he was seven, he started seeing strange things which even his parents and friends are unable to see. These strange beings seemed to follow him wherever he goes. Whenever he shared what he was seeing with the people around him, they did not believe so and Ed ended up being bullied at school.

As he was unable to get help from everyone around him, Ed started to seek help from a person who also has strange knowledge. This person taught him spells that he can use anytime. Everything that Ed learned, he used it to heal people and end the force of bad spirits.

Despite this, Ed still heard criticisms from his relatives saying that he can no longer graduate from college because he cannot even walk properly. He proved them all wrong as he was able to graduate from Bachelor in Elementary Education.

Now, Ed is a hardworking husband for his wife and children and stays firm in his belief of paranormal activities that are invisible to the naked eye.

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