Here’s how to enable your Facebook messenger’s dark mode

People spend most of their time on social media. From morning to night, to the special and ordinary moments, people just wanna share it to the rest of the world through their social media accounts. We can’t blame them anyway. So, as the demand continues, the developers of various social media applications also see to it that they develop new features for their app to be more user-friendly.

Following Facebook Messenger’s “Remove a Message” update, they now have another one that enables users to use a “Dark Theme.”

So, how can one do so?

First, you have to update your messenger app from the Google Play Store for android users or the App Store for Apple users.

Next, go to your conversations. Choose any, it may be with an individual or a group chat, it doesn’t matter, just choose. You can then set the emoji to a crescent one or you can simply send a crescent emoji to the conversation.

Then, once you click the emoji, crescent shaped faces will rain on your messenger app. During this time, the app itself will notify you that you have discovered the “dark mode.”

Lastly, proceed to your messenger profile and turn on the “Dark mode” right below your profile picture! That’s it! You are now in dark mode.

So, are you loving this new feature? Or do you prefer the one in white background? Well, you can always switch back to the original anytime you want! So go and check it out now!