Look how Richard Gomez enjoys simple province life

Celebrities often love being under the the spotlight because this will add on to their fame and their reputation as somebody in the industry they live in. However, not everyone enjoys the limelight, there are also others who choose to live a simple life despite of all the fame they encounter.

Just like how veteran actor Richard Gomez proudly shared his happy and simple life at Ormoc City, Leyte. Through a short clip uploaded on his Facebook page, Richard “GOMA” Gomez, he shares a glimpse of how simple life is outside of showbiz.

In the said video, he can be seen walking along what seemed like small backyard of a house. Behind him, chickens are running to and fro as they are being fed. Richard proudly says that he enjoys watching his chickens, geese and turkeys as they have been a part of his daily routine away from the busy cameras of the showbiz industry.

The video also shows Goma speaking in his native language, smiling and laughing as he gives a ‘mini’ tour of his backyard which is full of animals. It is evident that Goma really enjoys his simple life away from the car horns of the busy streets in Manila as well as the blinding lights of the show business.

As we can recall, Goma decided to have an indefinite hiatus from the showbiz industry after he was tasked to run as a Mayor of Ormoc City back in 2016. Since he won the election, he has dedicated himself to public service and has not announced anything about returning to showbiz anytime soon.

You can watch the full video clip here: