Guy saves 400,000 pesos using his giant metal coin bank

Saving money for future or emergency use is never wrong. However, not all people can pull off challenging themselves and save rather than spend their money. Some use their own tricks just to discipline themselves and save as much as they can.

Just like this very unusual way of saving money that is being practiced by a man named Jun Lacap. Jun saves all his 5 and 10 peso coins inside his very own coin bank which is unlike the usual small and breakable ones because his coin bank is a tank!

In a video uploaded by GMA News, it was as if a tank is being repaired in a machine shop. But, it turns out that the tank was Jun’s coin bank as tons of coins soon came out after a metal grinder was used to open it.

The coins was then transferred to smaller basin so that it can be counted properly. When they finally managed to count every single coin, it was revealed that Jun was able to save up to PHP 400,000.

That sure is a huge amount considering that Jun only saved his money for a short span of time. He is a living proof that one can be able to save as much as they can as long as they are determined to do so.

Jun explains that he used the tank as a coin bank so that he wont be able to easily open it thus, his money is safe. Additionally, Jun said that he wants to save more money in the future so that he can buy a land where he will build his own fitness gym.

So, can you also challenge yourself to save as much or even exceed Jun’s savings?

You can watch the full video here: