KMJS hires expert divers to find the missing “golden bells” buried underwater in Siargao

In the municipality of Del Carmen in Siargao, people have been hearing and passing on stories about a golden bell having been buried somewhere inside a cave. Years have already passed but this story still remains a mystery to residents and tourists.

According to the stories, the said “Golden Bell” was used in the ancient times and it was so loud that it can even reach the nearby places. However, it was believed that the “Golden Bell” was thrown away somewhere.

Back in the days, the jurisdiction of the local officials as well as the church was only determined by how far the sound of the bell reaches so in order to widen their scope, early leaders made big bells and placed it in high places so that they can cover a bigger area of jurisdiction.

As stories have it, during the 1750s, a group of pirates tried to conquer Del Carmen. As their way of protecting their place, the leaders hid the bell so the pirates would come to think that there is no civilization in the area. It was told that the golden bell was thrown at an open underground river somewhere.

With the Jessica Soho team’s desire to discover if the stories about the golden bell was indeed true, they decided to visit the underground river and coordinated with the residents to measure its depth. It was revealed that the river is approximately 15 feet in depth.

The following day, professional divers were hired to discover what was underneath the mysterious river. The divers revealed that the true depth of the river is at 20 feet. So, with all their gears and equipment, they decided to go for it.

In the end, they were unable to find anything as it was too dark down under and roots of trees are all over the place which makes it hard for anyone to maneuver their way through the underground river.

On the other hand, a local historian named Fernando Almeda Jr. made an observation that it was impossible for the bell (if it really existed) to be made of gold because gold does not make good sound. The bell could have been made from silver, brass or bronze.

Whether this story may be true or not, it will forever remain engraved in the hearts of the residents and will always be part of their history and heritage.

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