Drunk girl that passed out in a taxi mistaken dead by the driver

The convenience of taxis and ride-hailing online applications have greatly affected the daily loves of people, especially those that travel to places that they are not familiar with. As much as the companies and their drivers try their best to serve their customers, there are cases where drivers are left baffled by unexpected events during one of their rides.

Just like what happened with this Singaporean e-hailing car driver. It all happened in the wee hours of this past Sunday morning, on February 24, when the driver picked up a 27-year-old woman from Telok Kurau.

Photo courtesy of China Press

According to World of Buzz, the girl was clearly heavily intoxicated, as she reeked of alcohol, and couldn’t even keep a steady footing. Once she drunkenly stumbled to the car, she notified the driver that she wanted to go to the 109th block of Commonwealth Crescent apartment.

A friend of the driver, who relayed the story to a local newspaper said that once they arrived at her destination, the driver attempted to wake the passenger, but she did not respond. He then took an umbrella and tried poking her gently with it, but she remained still, even after 15 minutes. This made the driver thought that something might be wrong with his passenger.

Photo courtesy of China Press

So, he asked for help from the Singapore Civil Defense Force, after some time they were finally able to wake the girl up! Thankfully, she managed to return home safely.

We can only imagine the shock that the driver must have experienced during that time. If you were in his shoes, what would you have done?