“Suicidal app” being linked to the death of a 11-year-old child

In this era where everything can be accessed by everyone through online methods, it is undeniable that even kids can be given unnecessary access to contents which could have been off limits to them.

This unfortunate case of an 11-year-old child has been a hot topic online after the poor child committed suicide. What left people baffled is that the suicide was reportedly caused by a Mobile game.

In a report by Erwin Tulfo, Clyde Jasper Santos was rushed to their school clinic after a classmate of his noted that he was suffering from severe stomachache. According to the kid’s father Rene Florendo, Clyde took a total of 20 tablets of gout medicine. He also added that his kid felt pain in his stomach, vomiting and headache. After a few hours, the child felt pain in his back.


The parents then decided to seek medical help, unfortunately, they already went to two hospitals but the kid was not given attention as there was no toxicologist present during that time. They rushed him to another hospital but 24 hours already passed and no doctor showed up to diagnose what was wrong with the kid.

When they transferred to UST Hospital, doctors announced that it was already too late for the child because the poison has already spread all over his body.


In a separate interview with the kid’s mom named Paula Mariz Bautista, she shared that they too were shocked with what the child did as he was very obedient and they never maltreated him either.

It was later revealed that the child have been playing this suspicious game with his classmates. He even shared that one of them once cut his own wrist. This alarmed the parents that they decided to check on their child’s social media account. They were shocked to discover that the kids have been passing on a video of a so called “challenge game.”

Back in 2016,  apps like Blue Whale and Momo challenge have made headlines too. These apps reportedly gives their player 50 days to do all the tasks given to them. Paula added that she was more shocked when her kid uttered the words “I will follow my master and I will destroy them all” during his last moments.

May this unfortunate event serve as a warning for parents out there to always keep an eye on their children especially that they are now exposed to the online world. After all, it is better to be cautious at all times than regret when its all too late.

You can watch the full video of the report here: