Someone wants wearing of sando, shorts, slippers banned in public places

When it comes to implementing rules and regulations to maintain peace and order in the community, various government agencies impose a penalty to those who violate the rules so that they can learn from their mistakes and reflect on it. They also come up with new prohibitions for the same purpose.

Seeing these efforts, people in the community also have their own suggestion in order for these efforts to prosper. Just like the suggestion made by a certain netizen which has resulted to mixed reactions all over the social media world.

The said post tackles the issue of banning “sando”, “shorts” and “tsinelas” in public places. According to the anonymous person, anyone can choose to be sloppy and wear whatever they want inside their homes but should not do so while in public places.

Photo Credits: Gulf News

The post also pointed out that out of “respect” and also for “sanitary” and “aesthetic” purposes, people should learn to dress in a decent way when going out in public. Additionally, the post also suggested that decent clothing can be bought at cheaper prices from the ‘cheap imports’ and other places.

The person who posted the said suggestion firmly believes that our lawmakers should do something about this ‘decent’ clothing in public.

While whoever made the post only stated their opinion, netizens also gave their reaction to the post. Some find the post funny and not even worth their time while others questioned the whole intent of the suggestion and said that there is plainly nothing wrong with sando and all the other types of clothing mentioned.

You can read the full post here:

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