Prankster wears McDonald’s costume and dined inside Jollibee

Pranks have become quite a trend these days. This is probably why there are more and more people who willingly participate in pranks in order to provide laughter and entertainment to everyone around them.

Just like what this prankster did inside a branch of  the famous fast food chain, Jollibee.

In a video uploaded by the Youtube channel, Tukomi, a man was seen wearing a McDonald’s costume with all the make up and wig to complete the look but, he surprisingly went inside its rival fast food chain, Jollibee!

The man in costume took a seat, made his order and took his time to eat his Jolly Meal. Everyone in the vicinity cannot hide their amusement as well as their laughs by what the man in costume did. He surely gained everyone’s attention with what he did, even the crew cannot contain their laughter as the hidden camera recorded their smiles and confused looks. What this man did was simply unimaginable and hilarious in all aspects. If you happen to be in the same place during that time, you may have had the same reaction as with everyone who was also there.

With a little research, we were able to find out that the channel who uploaded the video is an organized group who had been doing pranks in various places according to the request of their followers.

So, if you have been one of their followers, what would you like to request as a prank? Share us your ideas and who knows? Yours may be the chosen one for their next prank!

You can watch their other pranks through this hilarious video below: