Mom brings food and handfeeds child inside a computer shop

These days, both adults and children are too hooked to various computer and online games. It even comes to a point where certain people forget to take their meals on time or there are also others who plainly skip eating for the sake of playing online games.

Well, that is exactly what happened with this kid who was out playing computer games in a neighborhood computer shop. Lucky for him, he had a mom who decided to bring him food right inside the computer shop.

In an article published by Rachfeed, the said mother became a hot topic online after bringing food and hand-feeding her son who was playing computer games.

As this is quite a sensitive issue, there have been varied opinions between people on the internet. There were others who praised the mom and there are also others who criticized her for ‘spoiling’ her child.

The mom was later identified as Lilybeth Marvel Garcia, 37 and the son was named Carlito Garcia, 13. It was also revealed that Carlito has been playing at an internet café near their home in Nueva Ecija, Philippines for more than 24 hours already.

The mother has expressed her concern towards her son for spending the night at the said internet café. He is said to have been playing “Rules of Survival”, a free-to-play, multiplayer online Battle Royale game with an estimated 150 million users across the world.

So, what can you say about this gesture done by Lilybeth? Do you think it was justifiable for her to do so? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.