“Goodjao” gives PUJ passengers money after a dance number

People who seek alms are found mostly in crowded places and streets where passersby can easily spot them and share a little of what they have. These days, it turns out that people who seeks alms are not only limited to those who stay in a single spot, there are also others who roam around the city and even those that ride public utility vehicles in order for people to give them money or food.

However, there is this certain man who, instead of asking for alms from the passengers of a Jeepney made an effort to give out envelopes to them with an unexpected twist – the envelopes already contain money!

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Itchaboy Dritch, a blonde-haired man wearing a red sando shirt was first seen trying to ride a Jeepney loaded with passengers. He then informs the driver that he will just stand on the edge of the Jeep as there are no more vacant seats.

As the Jeep went on its way, the blonde-haired man started to introduce himself as someone who came from a poor family and reassured the passengers that he is not a thief or an addict. He then said that his only purpose is to ask for a little help from the passengers.

Then, he started to perform a funny kind of dance in front of all the passengers. He danced to the music played by his companion.

After his dance performance, he then gave out envelopes to the passengers. As some would have expected, the envelopes were intended for the passengers to put their donations inside and will be collected later on by the man who asked for their little help.

But, to everyone’s surprise, the envelopes already contained cash. Well, maybe not that much but enough to pay for the fare at least.

Well, who would have thought that someone who introduced himself as a person who needs help ended up helping everyone out, right?

You can watch the full video here: