This guy’s painting is extremely realistic down to his model’s pores

Every once in a while, people may come across a certain work of art that will capture not just their eyes but also their attention and their hearts. This has been proven by the various paintings that have made its mark on history and are still the subject of talks even after years have passed since it was made public.

This time, it’s not just a single artwork that has piqued the curiosity of the masses but a series of artworks made by just one artist. What made these paintings stand out from the rest is that people who have seen it described it as something that is ‘too real.’

The artist we are talking about is known as Leng Jun (冷军). He is an influential Chinese contemporary artist best known for his hyperrealistic paintings and drawings. Born in 1963 in Sichuan, Jun graduated from the fine arts department at the Hankou Branch of Wuhan Normal College in 1984 and currently lives and works in Beijing.

The artist is renowned for the incredible detail in his works which can only truly be appreciated up close or with a magnifying glass.

In the zoomed photos and close-ups of the paintings that has circulated online one can observe the incredible precision of his paintbrush. His works even captures the shadow cast by a sweater’s thread on his subject’s skin, even the pinkish glow, other facial details and even the nerves on the hands of his subject.

Leng surely deserves all these recognition and praise he is getting as his talent is truly exceptional!