Chinese woman who threw a “taho” to a Filipino police officer ends up in Jail

From time to time, various government agencies implement new rules and regulations in order to hasten the processes and at the same time tighten the security of citizens especially when taking the public utility vehicles.

Just like this new rule being implemented by the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), the Metro Rail Transit line 3 (MRT-3) management banned passengers from bringing drinks and liquids of any form inside the station and especially on board the trains.

This caused massive confusion and anger among commuters, yet they had no choice but to comply. So, security guards, policemen, and MRT staff have been taking bottles with various liquids from the passengers.

One Chinese woman had a somehow unexpected reaction to this new rule that caused her to become a hot topic online. Photos that spread online showed the Chinese woman throwing her “Taho” drink to one of the security personnel of the NCRPO.

According to Buzzooks, PO1 William Cristobal stopped the Chinese woman, later identified as Jiale Zhang, from entering with her taho at Boni station in Mandaluyong City on Saturday morning. She had the option to just eat that, of course, but she angrily threw the food at the policeman instead.

Although insulted and humiliated with the sudden turn of events, the police officer still remained calm and took care of the situation in a professional manner. For this, he managed to earn the praise and respect of people who were able to come across the post.

As for Jiale Zhang, she was brought to the police community precinct in Mandaluyong City following the incident. She is now facing charges for direct assault, disobedience to person in authority and unjust vexation.

You can watch the full report on the incident here: