Guy shows up in Spiderman costume on his last day at work.

These days, trying to land yourself on a job can be exhausting. It’s even harder to find one that can not only satisfy your financial needs but also give you peace of mind and happiness.

This is probably why some people decide to leave their current jobs in order to find something more ‘fulfilling’. Just like in the case of this bank worker who rendered his resignation but did something ‘unusual’ on his last day.

We are talking about this man who was photographed in his Spiderman costume on his last day of work. (Wow! what a way to end an era in a lifetime.) In the photos uploaded via the 9gag website, the man was seen working on his desk with his co-workers enjoying how he looks with his out of the box costume.

The still anonymous man surely did leave a mark on his co-workers – something that will make them laugh everytime they remember him. Not just that, he also managed to grab the attention of people all over the worldwide web. Many find the post really hilarious with some even commenting that they are considering the idea of doing something similar when they also resign from work in the future.

Well, who would have expected their co-worker to show up in a superhero costume on his last day at work, right?

So, are you also considering leaving an unforgettable moment before you bid farewell to your current job? Better consider this hilarious idea as pulled of by this “office Spiderman,” because why not?

Here’s a glimpse of the “Spiderman Guy” during office hours: