Guy admitted he was “in a relationship” with a cockroach and even “ate” the insect when it died

People have different tastes when it comes to the things they love or hate. While it may be safe to say that majority of the population is either scared or simply hate cockroaches, there is still a small margin the choose to love this insect.

Just like this man from Japan who has been promoting eating insects (entomophagy), but it seems his fondness for bugs extends beyond his dinner plate. Yuta Shinohara, 25, has always loved nature and has been eating insects since he was young.

In an article by Straitstimes, it was revealed that Shinohara organises insect-eating events in Japan with dishes that include a bug cocktail, insect pastries and ramen with crickets and mealworms.

Here is a photo of the bug cocktail:

In another video interview with Asian Boss, the entomophagist revealed that he only began opening up about his interest when he was 19. He explained that after the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) promoted eating insects for food security, he became comfortable with “coming out” about his love for bugs.

This one is an example of the Cricket ramen:

At one point, Shinohara revealed that he “dated” a cockroach for a year which he named Lisa. She was farm-raised and bought from Africa. He said the love was “platonic” and that there were no sexual relations between them.

He said he enjoyed her company so much that he believed they could communicate. The relationship was short-lived because she died. Upon her death, he ate her “with reverence.”

“So now Lisa lives in my heart and continues living as part of my body,” he said. He also called her his “first love.”

Furthermore, he clarified that insects are not the only part of his diet and broke misconceptions about their taste. He explained that how an insect would taste depends on its diet – one that he recommended was caterpillars which eat cherry blossoms because they taste like rice cake.

Well, are you willing to add insects to your meal plans now?