Ordinary citizen earns praises for voluntarily cleaning Manila Bay alone

The necessity to keep our surroundings clean is not just the job of the government or the street cleaners. The heavier burden lies in each one of us to maintain the cleanliness around us and create a beautiful and sustainable place to live in.

However, despite repetitive reminders, it seems that people still continue to drop their waste anywhere without even thinking of the future generation. But, this man has proven that not everyone is the same and faith in humanity is still alive.

A man named Christopher Abria was spotted by reporters of Radyo Pilipinas alone in the shore of Manila Bay. As seen in a video uploaded on Facebook, Abria was seen picking non-biodegradable waste washed away by the waves.

In a short interview, it was revealed that Abria has been picking waste since 8 in the morning on the same day and even plans to extend what he does up to 5 in the afternoon. It was also revealed that Abria was already able to collect many sacks of waste from the three hours of picking around the shore.

When asked if he is paid a compensation in any form, Abria revealed that he is not employed by any government agency thus, he is not given any amount of salary. Abria says that he does the cleaning because he believes that his small effort can inspire many. He believes that through his small gesture, little by little, he can manage to see the change he wants to see not just in Manila but the Philippines as a whole.

On the other hand, it can be recalled that the government also started their joined efforts to clean up the Manila Bay starting off with a massive clean up drive held last January 27 which was participated by various government agencies, schools and even residents near the area of Manila Bay.

This is a welcome development for everyone that people are starting to realize the importance of joining hands in order to improve our surroundings. In no time, our efforts will surely bear its fruit.

Meanwhile, many staff of the MMDA expressed their admiration towards Abria for his untiring effort plus the fact that he does so voluntarily. Surely, Abria is worth the praise he is given for his genuine advocacy.

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Watch the full video interview here: