Guy sets up his gopro to see who has been mysteriously solving the crosswords on his newspaper everyday

Have you ever had any weird experience that concerns not just you but even the people around you? Sure, we all have our own story to share but this particular one told by an anonymous sender managed to capture the hearts of many.

The story we are talking about is this one which starts with the sender being curious as to why the crossword part of the newspaper being delivered on his front door was already answered. The only one he suspects to be responsible for this act is his 80-year-old or more widowed guy neighbor.

For countless times, he tried his best to catch the neighbor in the act of doing the crossword. He tried to wake up early several times but it was of no avail.

Until one time, he went home at about 4 AM after going to a night out party. It was then that he decided to put a GoPro inside his mailbox. Viola! His neighbor was recorded answering the crossword puzzle for about 10 minutes.

The guy found it amusing that the old man  still has a very sharp brain to be able to answer hard crossword puzzles in just a few minutes. He then decided to buy a book full of crosswords puzzles for the old man. It was evident on the old man’s face that he was very happy with the gift he received.

The next day, the old man came to apologize to his neighbor. The two quickly became good friends and frequently talked about their daily lives.

However, it was sad that the old man bid farewell just a few years later. Despite that, his legacy still remains embarked in the mind and heart of his beloved neighbor.

How about you? Do you have inspiring stories like this too?

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