China now has their own version of Jollibee and it’s called “JoyRulBee”

In the Philippines, one of the most popular fast-food chains is Jollibee. With its high appeal to kids, kids at heart, people who plainly prefer to just eat out without stressing themselves over home cooked food, the said fast-food chain has already made a name for itself and has even managed to branch out in several countries.

Its influence sure made an impact to several countries which is why it is still continuing in its expansion efforts in order to share the proudly Pinoy flavors to the rest of the world.

Recently, the online world was shocked when photos of a restaurant with identical features to Jollibee surfaced. From the logo to that conventional ‘bee’ character, it was as if it truly was a legit franchise of the food chain.

It was later revealed that the photos were taken in China. They made their own version of the famous fast-food chain in the Philippines and named it as “JoyRulBee” even its logo and other features are the same with that of the original.

Philnews additionally revealed that JoyRulBee also has the same menu, food choices and combinations as that of Jollibee. Facebook user Christopher Guzman took the original video and later reuploaded on other pages across the popular social media platform.

While there are varied opinions regarding this restaurant, there were also reports that claim that “JoyRulBee” is a legitimate franchise of the Jollibee group of companies. Only that the name was slightly changed but when it comes to food and everything else, it is still the same ones served in other Jollibee stores.

Meanwhile, people on social media also shared their views about this issue with some sarcastically said that they are willing to try the menu at JoyRulBee so they can compare if it really tastes the same as that of Jollibee.

Take a look at this video:

So, how about you? what are your thoughts on this viral fast food restaurant?